Yearbook Contents: How to figure out what to include in your school yearbook and where to put it.

19 Nov

Yearbook Contents: How to figure out what to include in your school yearbook and where to put it

Part 1: Figuring out what content to include in your yearbook:

There are 2 aspects to the content in your yearbook. These are formal and informal. The best school yearbooks have a balance between the two.

Formal Content could include:


  • Letter from the principal
  • Letter from the vice-principal
  • Letter from the head-teacher for the year-group
  • Letter from the student council or student yearbook team

School Official Material:

  • The school’s official crest / emblem
  • The school’s official motto
  • The school’s contact details, address etc.


  • Formal year-group/class-group photos taken by a photographer
  • Formal individual student photographs taken by a photographer
  • Formal photographs of the school or individual classrooms
  • Passport photographs brought in by students- these can be current or past-tense or both
  • Formal team/group photographs at sporting events/ activities
  • Newspaper coverage of school events

IDEA: Some schools like to include a formal photograph taken in first year, alongside a current formal photograph to show the transformation of the student since the beginning of their time in the school


  • A list of all of the students in the school / year
  • A list of teachers and staff members


  • There may be staff members or students that have passed away, and you may want to include a remembrance to them

Informal Content could include:

Student Input:

  • Students can personalise their personal yearbook pages with informal content about themselves- this can be images, drawings, doodles, written work, etc. to describe themselves and how they wish to be remembered


  • You may want to include examples of great artwork, poetry, essays, photography, etc. from a selection of students

IDEA: Some schools run a competition and the winner includes their work in the yearbook


  • Informal photographs of students that they have taken themselves
  • Informal photographs of the students in school
  • Informal year-group/class-group photos
  • Photographs of school trips/ fashion shows/ bands/ sporting activities

IDEA: Ask the photographer who takes the formal photograph to also take a shot where the students are allowed to act informally- loosen their ties, clap their hands, blow kisses, etc.

Written Content:

  • Written content by students about class trips, sports, general impressions of school-life, etc.


  • A lot can happen in a year. The yearbook could provide an opportunity to give a run down of the year’s events or could also provide an opportunity to promote upcoming school events. These could be formal or informal- formal events could be a national presidential election, while an informal event could be a class trip taken during the year.

Popular Culture:

  • To remember what your life was like in school on a particular year, it may be helpful if the yearbook included a section with popular culture of the year for example what songs were top of the charts, what were the most popular names, who won the world cup, etc. Who could forget that in 2009 Michael Jackson died, a 2009 yearbook could include a tribute to the King of Pop.

Surveys/ Polls:

  • To get an insight into students’ opinions of the year, you could conduct a survey or a poll and publish the results in the yearbook either in a section or dotted throughout the book. These could be funny or serious, for example: ‘we asked how many students have farted in class, 22% said no, but a whopping 78% said yes!

sample contents page


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