Promoting your Yearbook to Increase Sales

24 Feb

Promoting your yearbook is an important part of the yearbook committee’s role.

To get the maximum amount of sales students and parents need to be excited about the yearbook and want to buy it.

Get people involved.

People are more likely to buy a yearbook that they were involved with creating.

Have a contest to design the front cover where the winning design goes onto every book.

Give them what they want.

The best way of ensuring sales is to give people what they want in the yearbook.

Ask students what they want in the book through a survey. Give a sneak preview.

Take photographs of the finished product, some of the most interesting pages or the cover

and release as a sneak preview, either on a poster advertising the book or online.

Think of a slogan.

Come up with a slogan that you can use in every part of your campaign.

Something short and catchy works best. If people are saying it around school or

if you hear someone say they are sick of it- it’s working! Examples of slogans could be to take the lyrics from Green Day “For what it’s worth it was worth all the while”- Put WORTH and WHILE in capitals to show how worthwhile buying the yearbook is.

Make posters.

Make posters advertising your book- you could include a spread, photo or a photograph or stick to your slogan.

Make sure you tell people where and when it will be available.

yearbook poster

Get the school staff to help you.

The school will already have a number of systems in place to tell students, staff and parents about things.

Find out what these are and ask if you can use them to promote your yearbook.

The school may have a calendar of events that each student receives.

Set the date of your sale and publish it in the school diary. You will have to do this early.

Tell parents.

Parents are the people who will be likely to pay for the yearbook and who will want the student to have it in years to come.

The school may have a mailing/ text list of parents that you can access to send information about your book to parents.

You could send home a letter with the Christmas results or set up a stall at a parent-teacher meeting.

Tell the students.

blackboard with yearbook slogan

There are many ways to tell the students about the yearbook.

You could go to every classroom in the evening after school or at lunch time and write your slogan and details on the board.

You could ask permission to go to each class and promote your yearbook and take orders.

A great way of knowing that you have reached everybody is to speak at assembly.

Remember to prepare what you are going to say and be excited about the book yourself.

Ask the secretary to announce the details on the intercom every day of the week your yearbooks go on sale.

Set up a stall.

Ask permission to set up a stall at lunchtimes where people can place orders.

You could get t-shirts made for each member of the committee with your slogan.

This way, students will know where to go and who to ask for orders.

Use social networking sites.

Why not create a funny movie promoting your yearbook and post it on youtube?

This is an example of someone using youtube to promote his business. For more search for “the hop inn” on youtube.

He is promoting a bar, but you can use the sane idea. Have fun with it.

You can use facebook and twitter to keep people interested in your yearbook progress and production.

You could post the images from the yearbook and tag the people in them or give a sneak preview to create interest.


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