Summer Tips for yearbooks

15 Jul

Another school year is over. Time to take a well-deserved break but don’t forget to start thinking about next year’s book.
Once school begins the clock will be ticking. A couple of things that can be done over the Summer to prepare:

1. Gather old photographs or other content from everyone you know. With all the time off, it might be the perfect opportunity to root around in people’s attics or research the school’s history online or in their archives.

2. Take beautiful/ arty photographs of your school while the sun is shining and all is quiet.

3. Get some fun holiday time snaps to put into the book. There may not be another opportunity to do this as everyone will be busy in Winter.

4. Check out prices from printers, etc. This is their off-season so it might be easier to negotiate when they aren’t as busy.

5.Start your inspiration collection. As you read magazines while sun-bathing, don’t forget to look at layouts and get ideas. Keep anything you find interesting so you can have a collection when the school year starts.

6. Start a blog about the yearbook to get the students excited about it. Email everyone and ask people to sign up for positions on the committee. People always think they’ll get involved with things “next year” so ask them while they’re not so busy.


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